The Construction Contracts Act 2013 introduced adjudication as a means of resolving payment disputes arising under construction contracts. In the UK it has been said that adjudication is ‘for most construction disputes … the only game in town.’ Although, the breath of disputes amenable to adjudication in the UK is wider than that in Ireland, adjudication in Ireland is increasingly seen as a mainstream method of dispute resolution. This has been our experience with the number of referrals to adjudication steadily increasing. Recently, we have noticed that the arguments advanced in the adjudication process are becoming more sophisticated and complex.

For this reason we are providing regular updates on developments in the area of adjudication both in Ireland and internationally. Our team has experience of adjudication both in Ireland and the UK on a wide variety of building and engineering projects together with the offshore energy sector where the parties have agreed to adjudicate. Drawing on this experience our updates are provided directly to you and are not available more widely. We hope this will benefit you when formulating or defending potential claims and give an insider’s view of our experiences of the adjudication process.

Should any of the insights be of interest, please feel free to get in touch with one of our team and we will be happy to discuss further.